– No. All labor parts and service are no charge for life. You can call us (831.427.8147) or Milgard direct and you will be taken care of – 100% guaranteed.

– There are over 800 window manufacturers and only three glass manufacturers in United States. What that tells us all is that all these manufacturers only build frames. No one builds frames and pours their own glass. They all special order their glass and usually from the same source. The way that the glass is special ordered is what determines the price the value and the benefits of the entire window.

Here is how we order the customer window.

  1. It is a standard practice to order the windows and when they arrive they always have a thicker pane of glass on the outside and thinner pane on the inside. That is for weather resistance. Here in California, however, we rarely get calls of storms with wind blowing debris around cracking glass on the outside pane of glass. We hear more problems of people putting things on the interior sill and cracking the interior glass pane. This can be costly to the customer. So, we do two things about this. One, we always order double strength glass on the outside and double strength glass on the inside for additional strength to prevent glass breakage. Two, we offer a lifetime glass breakage for all our window and door products. So, if for some reason the outside, the inside, or even both glass panes break we will replace it at no charge for life. This is an upgrade that usually is charged by most companies but it is free with us.
  2.  Argon Gas: argon gas is a safe inert gas and is like having a thicker air between the two panes of glass. This adds insulation between the two panes. It makes it harder for the cold climate outside, during the winter, to penetrate through the airspace and make the interior pane cold. It also helps to keep the extreme heat out during the summer.
  3. High-grade seal: Milgard has one of the highest grade seals in the industry. It prevents seal failure. Seal failure is when air gets in between the two panes from the outside. It lets out all the argon gas (which dissipates safely) and allows moisture, which shows wet as condensation. This will eventually dry but leave a residue which is impossible to clean. Milgard offers a industry-leading warranty against any seal failure. They are very quick to respond to replace those glass units that have failed which rarely happens.
  4. LowE (low emittance) coating: LowE is a coating that is applied to the glass to reflect out the extreme heat, create a thermal effect to keep the warmth in that you created with your own heater, it reflects out up to 94% of the ultraviolet rays and it filters out glare. It’s like putting polarized sunglasses all around your house. You will see the same view you’ve looked at with far more clarity and color.
    These are the most desired and most popular upgrades that people normally pay for. We include them all at no additional charge. The ratings of our windows, because we order them this way, are among the highest in the nation.

– Our all-inclusive offers include the delivery of the windows, the haul-away of all the debris, the washing of the glass along with removing all stickers (you’d be surprised at how many other companies will not include washing of glass and stickers), exterior trim if necessary, the installation of the windows, high-grade installation materials, dual pane glass with all upgrades available in the industry, and new window and door screens.

– We have done a lot of market research and have found that most companies will charge up for each upgrade that you want in your window.

We don’t.

We also have a price guarantee that if a company sends in their quotes for the same services and it arrives after you’ve selected our company, we’ll honor their quote price and also PAY you $100 additional that we consider educational money, well spent by us to find out who’s doing what out there.

And…it does not have to include the upgrades we are including. We know that most companies will not even educate the customers of what is available for them fearing it will their bid too expensive to the customer. Even if your windows are completely installed by us, you’ve paid your balance or are on our “no payment program”, we’ll still refund the difference of their price plus pay you $100 more!

– The frames are almost all rated the same in passing California impact resistance requirements.

But, the insulated glass units (dual pane glass) is where there’s a great difference in quality.

Two clear panes of glass in a vinyl frame is a dual paned window, but that’s it. It doesn’t get any cheaper than that. 25 years ago it was cutting edge.

For 2017? A huge world of difference in terms of things that can be added to make the window far more effective in controlling your interior climate, having a more thermal even temperature throughout your home, and saving much more energy. We include every possible upgrade you can add to an insulated glass unit. For example, you can order a wood framed window and easily wind up with 3x the expense in labor and 1/10th the energy savings. That’s because your dollars were spent in labor rather than high-grade glass unit upgrades. Wood-framed windows are pre-built by the manufacturer to standard sizes. We then have to re-frame the customer’s openings to fit these wood framed windows whereas vinyl framed windows are custom built to fit perfectly inside the existing openings. Your investment is much less into labor and can then go into the upgraded glass.

Total cost is much less and energy bills drop drastically.

– It takes one to three days to get your measurements (based on the customer’s schedule), place the quote and check the acknowledgement from the manufacturer. Once all is correct it we convert the quote to an order. It then takes 3-5 weeks to arrive to our office.

– It is absolutely a fun and enjoyable experience.

You don’t have to worry what size your windows are, and you don’t have to worry what type your windows are. We’ve selected, after much research, the finest manufacturer in the country. We always order all upgrades with your windows so you never need to wonder if you should’ve paid extra for this or that because it’s already included – and it’s free. All you have to do is shop for what you like and we’ll provide precisely that.

Now that’s a fun way to shop! 🙂

– None. We use a method of installation that does not require the disturbance of exterior trim or stucco and we do not have to cut into the jamb area of the window your interior sills are not damaged so there will be no paint necessary when we’re finished and nothing left for you to do but enjoy your new windows.

– We install beautiful 3 1/4 inch molding around each door, garden window, and bay window that we provide. The moldings are white-primed and should be painted by homeowner.

– We know the minimums and the maximums that each style can be built. So, we will look at your house, look at your window sizes, and tell you all the different types of window functions and opening styles that you can have. You can choose any style and almost every style will be the same price. Again, we allow you to choose what you want and not charge you extra for it.

– After we’ve converted a quote to an order, we will know within one week what your shipping date is. We will call you to schedule your installation at that time. So, you will know your shipping date within 10 days from the time that you have agreed to purchase windows from us.