As with most of the moving parts of a home, they are not built to last forever. During times of extreme weather, be it winter or summer is when you will notice if your windows are holding up their end of the bargain. Replacing your windows has several benefits, older windows such as single-paned does little to block the cold, heat, light and noise. Since we are in the winter season, you might notice that your home feels drafty, windows are very cold to the touch, your electric bill is going up, rain water is making its way inside and then there is the irritating fog that can happen when the seal on the glass fails and air and moisture enter the window.

In considering new windows, double paned windows are now typically filled with argon gas that helps to keep energy from escaping our home. Windows are the source of up to 25 percent of lost energy, saving this energy will significantly reduce your heating and cooling expenses.

Noise reduction is a side benefit to replacement windows as well as another overlooked benefit to replacing your windows, is the return on your investment. Replacement windows rank as one of the top five returns on investments out of all home improvement projects. If a repair is in order, it may be as simple as adding new weather-stripping. For more information, contact Angle Construction, a preferred, certified Milgard window and door installation and dealer company at 831-427-8164.

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